A new addiction..crochet!!

Knitting and sewing was in my hobby list from ever since I could remember. But for some reason I didn't pursue it very seriously. Only recently I battled all my blocks and finally got into it. But before trying knitting I wanted to practice crochet (I believed crochet was much easier than knitting). I found my motivation through a friend who was into knitting for a very long time and has decorated her home with her beautiful creations. I came to know knitting is not only for baby sweaters and hats, but has lots of uses once your imagination is untied. I searched for basic crochet patterns in the net and learned crochet through lots of YouTube videos and couldn't stop myself from crocheting from then. I'll make sure to add all the links when I find time.

I first started with a hat for my daughter. I was a bit overconfident and did a slight mistake. I thought that the hat wouldn't fit my toddler's head and did an extra step which resulted in a large hat. It fit my toddler's head but it was not a perfect fit I should say. It was a bit loose for her. So I decided to keep that for myself. I was feeling guilty and tried to make it up for her by crocheting another hat. I followed the exact gauge and stitches. But this time the hat looked smaller. It might be because of the yarn or the needle. I promised to myself that next time I am going to follow the rules very strictly.

My next project was once again a hat for my little one. By this time the weather was getting better, so I decided to make a fancy summer hat. With a YouTube video to help I finished the hat and it perfectly fit my little one's head. Phew!! what a relief.

This time I wanted to make a small purse with a long string to take my phone and house keys while I went to the park with my daughter. I wanted a very simple and easy pattern, but the handbag patterns I saw were very complicated and seems like it would take a long time to complete. So I crocheted the bag with my own ideas. I also made a button with the leftover yarn, viewing a YouTube video. My daughter loved it and wanted to take her water bottle in the bag, to the park...Hmm Mothers are made to sacrifice..'No problem I can make a handbag for myself sometime later' I told myself.

My husband was very cross with me ..("You are making hats and bags for you and your daughter, what about me?"). OK. Here you go Darling Hubby...A smart crew cap for you. I found this pattern in a YouTube video. It didn't come as exactly as shown but it is still good and he wore it very proudly on our wedding anniversary.

link for the pattern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEffgaeEbus

There's some leftover yarn after the bag. I searched for a pattern to finish off the yarn. A shrug pattern got my eye at lionbrand.com. They have a huge collection of crochet and knitting patterns. And they also have an option to buy the necessary yarn and other accessories from their online store.
This sequoia shrug (I'm not sure if I spelled it right..) took quite a long time for me to finish plus I had to buy extra yarn. But it's worth the effort. I was very pleased by the result.

Link for the pattern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nB94a0bAZg

These are the small bow clips I made for my daughter

My next project is a baby blanket and sweater for my friend's newborn girl. I hope I finish it before the baby starts walking..lol will upload the photos once I finished this projects..

PS: In the middle of the blanket I finished a wallet (cant wait until I finish the blanket and sweater..). This wallet is an improvisation of a basic credit card purse pattern by bobwilson which I saw in You Tube. I have added an additional card space so that you have three spaces for keeping your money , card and even your phone.
The basic pattern can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFbqXRp84NI

Finally finished the baby set for my friend's newborn girl!!!!. I have made a blanket, sweater and a hat for the sweetie. The blanket took me a very long time but the sweater and hat took me only a week to complete.

I should manage to send her the baby set this week. This is going to be a complete surprise for her. I wish she likes them.

I used babysport yarn for this blanket and the pattern is from lionbrand.com. You just have to register and you can view lots and lots of free patterns. This website was very useful for me to try out new crochet projects. 

 This sweater is a combination of two patterns. The top half of the sweater is made using the sweater pattern from yarnydays.com. The link for this pattern is http://www.yarnydays.com/2009/02/everyday-is-new-sweater-day.html
The umbrella pattern of the lower half of this sweater and the sleeves are made using the pattern

I was thinking to make a regular beanie but suddenly struck by the idea of ear flap hat. For girls, I think, some extra decorations make them look more cute and pretty. So this ear flap hat would be a perfect choice for baby girls. I got this pattern from http://allicrafts.blogspot.com/search/label/9-12%20months

The sweater and hat are for 9-12 months size. But they looked a bit smaller for me. That might be even because its been a long time since I've been with babies less than a year. Hoping to crochet more sweaters and hats if this one fits her and my friend likes this set.

PS: I've added some links for patterns that I could remember, as I have promised.

My next project is a boy's sweater for my hubby's friend who just had a baby boy. Will try to finish the sweater ASAP and upload it sooner.


  1. good job naru.....i like the small hat on the doll.

  2. Wow Narmada! Love the crew cap and absolutely adore the bow clips!