Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kesar milk peda

This is one of my favorite sweets from childhood. I remember whenever we get an assorted sweet box, I'll just grab the milk peda before anyone does coz I wouldn't dare to lose it at any cost (I was a little kid then, so I could be excused. couldn't I? ). I never thought that this would be so easy to make and even be done in 15 mins in microwave, until my friend enlightened me with this info. The pedas was no lesser than the store bought pedas. I gave it a try, not the microwave version, and it came out flawless. My husband took some pedas to his office and shared with his colleagues and they didn't believe it's home made. It was that perfect, and the safest bet when u have little time. The below mentioned recipe is for kesar peda which includes saffron, but you can also do the pedas without saffron.

Things you'll need:
Milk powder - 2 cups
Sweetened condensed milk - 1 can (14 Oz)
Butter - 1/2 cup (1 stick) , unsalted
Saffron - 1 pinch, soaked in 2tbsp of warm milk (optional)
Pistachios/almonds - to garnish (optional)
Ghee - as required, to grease your palms and a bowl

Yield - 25-30 pieces


Step 1:
Melt the butter in a wide bottomed vessel. Add the milk powder and the condensed milk to the butter and in low heat stir them until no lumps are formed.

Step 2:
Add the saffron with the milk to the mixture and keep stirring until it starts to leave the sides of the pan. Switch off the stove and transfer the  contents to a greased bowl.

Step 3:
When the mixture is warm enough to handle, make balls of desired size, flatten them by pressing your thumb in the center. Garnish with nuts.

You can either serve them after it is completely cooled down or store them for two weeks in an airtight container.

You can make some designs on the pedas using food color and a basting brush.
Instead of making it as a disc, you could also try rolling the dough and cutting it in different shapes with a cookie cutter. This will lure the kids towards your pedas.
Don't leave the pedas in the heat for too long after it starts to leave the sides of the pan, or the pedas will be dry and cracked. (But they are still edible :))